An Ode to Iceland

Book of Deer Dress

Now, we know Autumn only officially arrived on Wednesday but here at Thunder Egg our latest Autumn/Winter delivery already has us just a little bit giddy for darker nights and Christmas party season (given we’ve already started prep for Christmas here I think we’re allowed).

This season Book of Deer have blown us away with their ‘Ode to Iceland’ collection; taking inspiration from the northern lights and life in this little corner of the world.

What would you say if we told you this dress glows in the dark? I KNOW. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you rock up in what is not only a super cute dress but what is probably the coolest thing in the entire world. ever. seriously. ever.

We’ve fallen equally in love with the Littil Sky Northern Lights Dress, with it’s delicate and colourful pattern of the northern lights (see if you can spot the tiny arctic foxes as well!), its the perfect twist on the classic little black dress.

Now this is a personal favourite (Hello! from Beth the Thunder egg’s resident blogger!) and makes me extremely jealous that I’m not one of Santa’s elves, in this I would definitely be the most stylish! The Svana Elf Dress is covered in little tiny Elf houses (álfhól) for elves/hidden people to live in (usually found in Icelandic gardens.Cute huh?)
Perfect with knee high socks and boots for the Autumn then some super cosy thick tights for when winter hits. Plus who can resist those adorable shoulder frills!


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