Vintage Thunderegg (Collectif has arrived!)

Collectif’s newest collection of vintage inspired gorgeous-ness is currently gracing the rails here at Thunderegg and its definitely got us in the mood for lazy days and old records in the park with a glass (read: jug) of pimms in hand. 
After looking at pictures of all the stunning ladies who headed to pinupinthepark this past weekend we can’t help but feel a bit jealous we couldn’t join them. And if you couldn’t either, not to worry! You can still rock the vintage inspired range and have your own pinup weekend. 
Go all out with this 40’s/ 50’s inspired Dolores Doll Atomic Flamingo Print Dress 
Or if you aren’t brave enough to go the whole way, ease into the trend with a top or skirt. We love 
the Alice T-Shirt in red (because you can never go wrong with a good striped top) and the Red Nani Plain Swing Skirt
Complete the look with the perfect pair of sunglasses (a new addition to the Collectif range) why not try the Solene Sunglasses in Red
This is the Thunderegg team signing off and wishing you a marvelous day! 

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