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Moomin Gifts Are for Life – Not Just for Christmas! 🎅

Welcome to our virtual Moomin shop, where we show you the best Moomin gifts you can get your hands on at Thunder Egg!   The first Moomin story was written By Tove Jansson a whopping 75 years ago this year, but still to this day people are discovering and falling in love with the Moomin family. The Thunder […]

Dark Nights Call For Quirky Lights 💡

As the days grow shorter and it’s dark much earlier, these quirky lamps will add some brightness to your evenings! Looking to add a little ambience to your home? Or fancy a night light to keep you company when you’re in bed? Quirky lamps are the perfect addition to your homeware at this time of […]

Buy Fun Socks for Christmas? Yes Please, Actually 🧦

It may not have been top of our Christmas list as kids, but now as adults we would love someone to buy fun socks for us for Christmas! If you’re looking down at your feet right now at a pair of odd socks or a toe poking through, you probably agree. A Which? survey in […]